About Us

REBUILD UKRAINE provides vital humanitarian aid to Ukraine’s defenders, civilians, and refugees. We work with partners in Eastern Europe to deliver aid swiftly, reliably, and cost-efficiently. Since March 2022, we have raised over $370,000 and have delivered food, medical supplies, and protective gear to Ukraine’s hospitals and military units. We have also funded the education and rehabilitation of refugee children traumatized by the war.

REBUILD UKRAINE is 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in the state of Minnesota. Our EIN is 88-1252115. Your contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

REBUILD UKRAINE in Numbers (Spring 2022):

7,500 tourniquets purchased and delivered to military units & hospitals

600+ packs of prescription medications sent directly to Ukrainian doctors

hundreds of camouflage uniforms, boots, fleece jackets, safety goggles, and military backpacks purchased and sent to Ukraine’s defenders

Over 700 lb of dried meat processed and sent to Ukraine’s war-torn areas

three emergency multi-purpose vehicles acquired for Ukraine’s defenders

130+ refugee children from Ukraine provided with education and rehabilitation in Lithuania and Montenegro



The humanitarian crisis created by the Russian War of 2022 in Ukraine is immense and will last for decades. To contribute to the resolution of this crisis, REBUILD UKRAINE was established by influential Ukrainian American business leaders and educators, and their American colleagues.
Right now and in the immediate future YOUR DONATION to REBUILD UKRAINE delivers food and medical supplies, protective gear, equipment, and emergency vehicles.


We are acting strategically to position the organization’s work for influence and results over the long term.


The Foundation provides support, supplies, and equipment. In peace time, the Foundation will focus on the work with the orphanages.


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