How We’re Different

How is REBUILD UKRAINE different from other charities doing good work during this humanitarian crisis?
REBUILD UKRAINE is focused on serving people still in Ukraine itself, even in the midst of war. Many NGOs help only refugees who have already fled to Poland or other countries. Yet millions of people remain in Ukraine and your gift to REBUILD UKRAINE goes directly to:

    • Elderly and sick people in Ukraine who need medicine
    • Families who must stay in the country or who now need help getting out
    • Young people who are required or want to serve as volunteers in Ukraine’s civil defense

Some of our key differentiators

A robust logistics network:

Strategic partnerships in Lithuania and Latvia mean we have secure and cost-effective access to the food, medicine, and protective gear people in Ukraine urgently need. In multiple instances, we have delivered to ad hoc locations, including chapters of the Ukrainian Red Cross, which were unable to access medical supplies by any other means.

A robust volunteer network:

About 100 volunteers inside Ukraine mean we can get humanitarian aid to those in urgent need throughout the country, even in areas where there is active fighting. We are also able to provide individualized solutions to wartime evacuation and resettling in the EU.

Attending to education:

In addition to immediate humanitarian aid, we are already helping children continue their education. For the refugees we help resettle, we facilitate school in the EU. And for young people still in Ukraine, we are working on schooling options in the United States.


We intend to work on rebuilding Ukraine for the long term. When the the war is over, we will focus on the children affected by the war.